Nate Sheppard


Wednesday, May 20 at 8:00 PM CDT


Nate is a multimedia creative from Northern Wisconsin who fell in love with ambient 80's synth music when he first watched the hit 80's-infused Netflix show, Stranger Things. His performance will feature him playing around with all the synth sounds he can find on his computer while displaying some of his favorite works of art that have been submitted to the festival galleries.

The Musician

Nate Sheppard is a guy living in Northern Wisconsin. A guy who likes to make stuff. You might call him a "multimedia creative who specializes in video and audio production" but that's really just a fancy way of saying he makes movies and music. And festivals like this one.

He was the 2019 recipient of the Northern Arts Council’s Emerging Artist grant and has worked on a wide variety of artistic projects ranging from producing a feature length documentary to creating immersive multimedia installations.

He also enjoys reading and writing (or at least the idea of reading and writing), and drinking coffee made from beans his wife Andrea roasted. It's pretty great.

Are you still reading this? Go make some art already!

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