Interactive GAme

The Art THief

An Interactive Group Game

*By appointment only

The Art Thief Game is a interactive virtual puzzle game where you and your team must work to solve the case of the Random City art heist. Teams of 4-6 players will join a Zoom call where they will work together in real time to solve the crime.

This game requires 4-6 players and at least 2 computers with internet access. Once the teams have been given instructions, they will be separated into two groups to find different clues before coming back together to solve the case.

This game is free to play, but you must register for a time slot with a team of 4-6 players. Players can work together from the same house or you can work with any team members from anywhere as long as they have internet access. This game is also open to players of any age, but an accompanying adult is recommended for children age 13 or under.

This game will take place on Zoom.

About The Designer

Samuel Fehlen is a 16-year-old graduating senior from Rhinelander High School. He started building homemade escape rooms about a year and a half ago and has grown in his craft of designing immersive and interactive group games.

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