Final ProjectS

Grow Together Gallery


Grow Together is a communal art piece designed to bring together artists of all ages and life experiences. Participants were given a template and then encouraged to create a work of art that fits within the template.

Participants were encouraged to reflect on the communities that have shaped their life and experience by creating a work that represents that in any form that can be married to the template. All submitted works were then linked together to create one large work representing the larger network of life and community and how they are connected.

Through this crisis we have become more separated in our own communities, but the lines of continuity will bring us together to make something beautiful.

Submissions from: Megan Parsons, L Johns, Bekah Stahl, Andrea Sheppard, Josh Enns, Mary Anne Enns, Peter Enns, Dianne Enns, Josiah Enns, Alfred Enns, Adeline Enns, William Jones, Owen Jones, Rosemarie Jones, Jennie Jones

About The Artist

Dianne Enns is a community organizer and event planner in Cape Coral FL. She delights in making spaces and events for people to create and enjoy each other as well as share real life. An avid crafter, Dianne dabbles in many art forms and enjoys making art accessible to all ages and blessing others with her work.